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We originally worked with an immigration lawyer in London, ON, we found online who successfully helped us obtain a Work Permit. However, when that office was closed due to unforeseen circumstances, we were referred to the Law Office of Edward C. Corrigan to help us with our Permanent Residency application. Our experience with this firm, and specifically Selvin Mejia, was a welcome relief. They were very knowledgeable, accommodating, caring, and totally professional. We were thoroughly informed throughout the entire process. We are now Permanent Residents of Canada! We will continue using this firm for future legal advice and have no hesitation in recommending them to others going through the immigration process. A great law firm!

Janice Orser

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Excellent service by Edward Corrigan Law Office.

My experience with Ed Corrigan: Ed allowed us to work as a team in several successful good cases. It started with Ed directing me to work with a remarkably good Lawyer Harkamal Singh who completed the narrative and worked diligently with our team of interpreters and translations from Arabic to English. Our team consisted of Ms. Lurin Farrah, a trainee at that time a t the law office, Nada Mroue, and Nazih Mroue.

Mr. Ahmad Barzak, a legal assistant and a student at law, reviewed the translated documents and completed thoroughly a very good brief and submitted it to the IRB. Ahmad dealt professionally with the claimant and reduced their anxiety level.

Selvin, Gregory and lawyer Li Tian were very supportive.

Lawyer Ed Corrigan studied the case and strategized the key refugee legal definitions of the issues. Ed reviewed the hand-on the case with the claimant and updated the BOC. Went through and explained the narrative with all the evidence with the claimant.

Ed explained the objective and subjective fear of the claimant’s case and prepared the claimant on how the hearing process works.

I witnessed Ed's professional performance inside the hearing room and when the hearing was virtually conducted.

As far as I and our team is concern, first class immigrant experience. Will always recommend Edward Corrigan Law services.

Nazih Mroue

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Mr. Ed Corrigan and Mr. Ahmad Barzak handled our case in very professional way. We were able to get positive decision without hearing. They are professional and expert in immigration law. I highly recommend them.


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Outstanding service that leaves you stress free, especially in a pandemic! I was on a post grad work permit that was expiring. They processed an extension, a bridging work permit as well as my Permanent Residence application. The PR App happened right before COVID blew up! Selvin was fabulous. He, Harkamal and the team constantly were in contact with the IRCC and keeping them up to date. Selvin was also in regular communication with me on what was required of me as well as updates given to me about the application process.

As a first gen immigrant I know money can sometimes be tight, but this firm is worth saving for if you want a stress free immigration process! Best money I ever spent. Will be back when my citizenship eligibility rolls around

Shauna A

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Selvin Mejia and Li Tian helped me and my husband so much to get my permanent resident approved!!!

We send our application within Canada with them before covid hit the world and due to the delays I was about to pull it off, running out of patience and going through really tough times but Selvin helped me out so very much to stay strong and keep waiting until it finally arrived! I recommend to work with this firm you will be dealing with professionals.

Zara Arizmendi

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These lawyers are the best at what they do. They handled my file for my husband very professionally and quickly. They were compassionate, supportive, and always kept us informed of what was going on. They made the process stress-free. Thanks

Nichelle Samuel

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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Selvin was amazing to deal with. Despite the hold up from the governments side with Covid-19 and all the closures, we got everything done in good time. Every time we called Selvin, he was quick to respond and answered every question we had. Would highly recommend working with him in any immigration related matters! They are very thorough, friendly and caring people. Will definitely be using him to help with my citizenship application in the years to come

Jess H

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Among the best lawyers in the province of Ontario, Mr. Ed Corrigan, and Mr. Ahmad Barzak. I recommend dealing with them. They were of a great assistance and with their professionalism I was able to secure immigration status in Canada. Their advocacy skills are invaluable and impeccable.


5-star endorsement - Google Review

I'm so proud to say that I have become a permanent resident of Canada, and I couldn't of done it without the fine work of Li Tian. Li made it possible for me to start my new life with my amazing wife in this beautiful country.

Nick Lay

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My husband and I contacted this firm to assist with my husband's permanent residency. Our lawyer was Li Tian and we could not recommend her more. She was incredibly thorough, professional and adapted quickly when the pandemic restrictions began. Needless to say that my husband is now a permanent resident of Canada and we could not be happier.

To To

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Lawyer Li Tian is very nice and professional


5-star endorsement - Google Review

I would highly recommend Ed Corrigan Law Office if you're looking to apply for immigration services. I worked with Li Tian and would highly recommend her services. She is helpful and great lawyer.

Linh Nguyen Viet

5-star endorsement - Google Review

By far the best immigration law in the london area. Would recommend to anyone.

Adam Turner

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Edward and his amazing team have helped my family through a very tough and unique sponsorship case. My sister-in-law was sponsored from Pakistan. There were document issues and a lot of bad luck. The case went to the Federal Court. Ed connected all the pieces together and finally won the case for us.

Bushra Jogezai

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
Ed and Greg took my case after my last lawyer got suspended. They have been upfront and honest about everything so far. I am extremely satisfied with everything, I highly recommend them and their team. Thank you

Joey Stark

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Mr. Corrigan is one of the most caring lawyers that I have come across. He is a professional and an expert in the immigration law, in my opinion who doesnt give up on his clients who are facing prosecution. I am one of those clients who he helped a great deal. Highly recommend him and his team of lawyers to everyone.

Denis S

5-star endorsement - Google Review

I would like to say huge and grateful thank to Ed Corrigan Law Office and his legal Team in helping me and my wife to get our PR. Special thanks to Selvin, He is one of the most helpful specialists I've ever found. I appreciate his strength, honesty and his helping. His recommendations had always made sense; no questions or concerns has been unanswered. They are very good and knowledgeable in everything that has a do with immigration. Great service. I would highly recommend their services.

Thank you again,
Vitalii Bundur and Oksana Pavlenko

5-star endorsement - Google Review

I had a very difficult and very complex case for Selvin to take on, from the first time I met him he laid out exactly what would happen and I had complete confidence in him. Throughout my process Selvin's patience and expertise in building my PR application was outstanding. Selvin always returned my calls and emails, I never doubted a positive outcome with him. Selvin got the process done exactly how he said he would in the first initial meeting. Hands down the best immigration law office in London, very professional and honest. I highly recommend Edward Corrigan's Law Office especially Selvin Mejia. I could not have gotten the positive results without Selvin the Ed Corrigan Law Office. Something that seemed impossible before meeting with him is now a reality and me and my family will be forever grateful.


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I would give 10 stars if it was possible. I called several other more popular law offices with no return call at all. Only Selvin at Edward Corrigan law office answered right away. Selvin was available every time I called and he took his time and would make sure I understood everything before he finished the call. I had a complicated case that was very unfamiliar to me but was put at ease during each conversation. Thank you for your advise, I will definitely recommend and use in the future.

Andy Shaw

5-star endorsement - Google Review

When my wife and I were searching for lawyers to assess our immigration process in Canada, we found the Ed Corrigan Law office. Harkamal Singh and Selvin Mejia worked on our case and did an excellent job, where we received the best advice and preparation for our case. It is important to note their professionalism, which made our process successful. Choosing their law office has been the best choice for our future in the beautiful country.

julian felipe torres zapata

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Regardless of the complexity and the difficulty of my case and the fact that it associated with three countries Syria, The US and Canada Mr Corrigan was able to succeed because he have done a wonderful and great job on it since he started working on the file in 2017 until winning the case, he was putting a lot of effort and spent a lot of time researching and gathering all the details, evidences and facts that led to win the case. The high proficiency and expertise he showed were enough for me to feel positive, reassured and satisfied. Many thanks for all the staff in the office Selvin, Gregory and of course Ahmad who helped a lot and was there all the time providing any needed information or translation.

Finally I highly recommend Ed Corrigan Law Office for anyone hoping to win his/her immigration case especially the Middle East ones.

Tareq Nasser

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Even though our asylum case had its potential complications, Mr. Corrigan and his team handled it professionally and smoothly. He has an extensive knowledgge about the situation In Saudi Arabia and Middle East in general. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Mr. Corrigan and his team to anyone who’s in need for a legal help.

Ahmed S.

5-star endorsement - Google Review

When the details of my case became particularly challenging, the Law office of Ed Corrigan stepped in and really turned things around. I would like to sincerely thank Harkamal for his professionalism and attentiveness throughout this process. He was always responsive to my concerns and his dependability went such a long way. His knowledge and experience was so valuable and made all the difference...from beginning to end. I would recommend Harkamal and the Ed Corrigan law office to anyone and everyone looking for excellent and reliable legal services.

Sarah S.

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Professional services. They helped me win my refugee claim by submitting strong proof and well-studied documents. Li, Lauren and Greg are very human and professional. They put a serious effort and follow up from day one until we won the case. Thanks for Mr Edward and his staff.

Mohamed E.

5-star endorsement - Google Review

My wife and I would like to say a very heartfelt thank you, to Ed Corrigan and his team, for a true standout job well done. We especially wish to thank Selvin Mejia who went out of his way, and his above board professionalism, in putting together an immigration package that was not only picture perfect, but was done in a manner befitting of a family member, or close friend, with much attention to details, and an understanding of our case, that was extremely impressive. We were very pleased with all aspects of our case, as everything was handled in an outstanding manner, and with concern for us, as clients. The timing and process was throughly explained, and we were given excellent instruction, as to how we were to proceed through this difficult process. In short, if I were to do it all over again, I would not only choose Selvin Mejia of Ed Corrigan Law to handle my Immigration Case, I would seek him out, among any others, and give him my highest recommendation, for his stellar service, his amazing work ethic, and his ability to outperform all others in his field. My wife and I are very pleased to have had an opportunity to work with these amazing people, and are happy to be headed down to my parents place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to retrieve my personal effects, and return to my new home of Canada, where I will be proud to become a Permanent Resident thanks to the efforts of Ed Corrigan Law, and our new friend, and Paralegal for our case, Selvin Meija. Thank you for your hard work, Gentleman...

Mon épouse et moi-même souhaitons remercier Ed Corrigan et son équipe pour le travail remarquable accompli. Nous souhaitons tout particulièrement remercier Selvin Mejia, qui a fait tout son possible pour mettre au point un programme d'immigration non seulement parfait, mais d'une manière digne de celle d'un membre de la famille ou d'un ami intime. beaucoup d'attention portée aux détails et une compréhension de notre cas, c'était extrêmement impressionnant. Nous avons été très satisfaits de tous les aspects de notre dossier, car tout a été traité de manière remarquable et préoccupé pour nous, en tant que clients. Le calendrier et le processus ont été bien expliqués, et nous avons reçu d'excellentes instructions sur la manière de procéder dans ce processus difficile. En bref, si je devais tout recommencer, je ne choisirais pas seulement Selvin Mejia d'Ed Corrigan Law pour gérer mon dossier d'immigration, je le rechercherais, entre autres, et lui donnerais ma plus haute recommandation, pour sa stellaire service, son éthique de travail incroyable et sa capacité à surpasser tous les autres dans son domaine. Ma femme et moi sommes très heureux d'avoir eu l'occasion de travailler avec ces gens extraordinaires et d'être heureux de me rendre chez mes parents à Baton Rouge, en Louisiane, afin de récupérer mes effets personnels et de retourner dans ma nouvelle patrie, le Canada. où je serai fier de devenir résident permanent grâce aux efforts d'Ed Corrigan Law et de notre nouvel ami, et parajuriste pour notre cause, Selvin Meija.

Kevin Hammontree

5-star endorsement - Google Review

My family and I are very happy with the services and the amazing staff at the Law office of Edward Corrigan. We had quite a straight forward but difficult sponsorship appeal case. Edward's knowledge and candidness helped immensely. Whenever we would need assistance, or just some reassurance, Selvin Mejia would be right there. All the staff there were very knowledgeable and helpful.

I would recommend Edward and his team a 100% to anyone!

Bushra Jogezai

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Edward Corrigan's vast knowledge of contemporary international relations and politics serves as a critical supplement to his legal genius. Combined, these attributes enable him to analyze and address any particular challenge from seeming minutiae through the Big Picture. Thank you Edward Corrigan!

David N. Yaghoubian
Associate professor of history at California State University, San Bernardino
Co-editor, with Edmund Burke III, of Struggle and Survival in the Modern Middle East, second edition (2006)

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Ed and his team have come to speak to my classes on several occasions. They are a very knowledgeable and engaging group.

Stacey Pipicelli, BEd, BA, ASQ-CSSGB
Fanshawe College

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Thank you for all your help throughout this long journey to secured safety, and now citizenship. I am finally at peace, after this 13 year long journey. This still feels like a dream. Thank you once again.

Gleb S

Dear Mr. Ed Corrigan

Thank you for helping me with the Permanent Resident appeal. I had thought that I would not be allowed to stay in Canada. But through the hard work you and your staff did for us it is possible. My husband and I are very happy we can stay in Canada. My own brothers and sisters are also very happy for us. Thank you very much

Katharina Hiebert Bartsch

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Our family has been working on obtaining Canadian citizenship for over 2 years for our 2 adopted boys from Russia. We were nearly ready to throw in the towel when we found Ed Corrigan and his team and engaged them to support this critically important outcome. We live in Minnesota and experienced many delays and false starts. We would like to especially applaud Li Tian who did the research, prepared the documents and forms, supported our many questions and expedited the successful completion of this complex process. We would very highly recommend Ed, Li and their colleagues and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for such great work.

David Scouler

5-star endorsement - Google Review

I felt hopeless until I met with Selvin and Ed. There was so much I had missed before talking to them. Meeting with the Corrigan team and listening to what he had to say gave me the edge I needed to get my wife's permanent residence application ready. Not only did they help with parts of the process I couldn't accomplish myself but they gave me the know how I was missing for completing all forms. Selvin's patience and expertise when reviewing the completed submittal were well worth it. My wife is now able to enter Canada from Colombia!

Preiss Oates

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Professional services. They helped me win my appeal by submitting strong proof and well studied documents. Ahmed Barzek is a very Human and professional young paralegal who put a serious effort and follow up from day one until we won the case. Thanks for Mr Edward and his staff.

Razane Haidar

5-star endorsement - Google Review

My wife and I are very happy that this law office crossed our paths the time that it did ... I had problems with my wife's papers until I set up a meeting with Mr. Corrigan .. He assured me that they would get the visa I did not know what to do with my wife's case ... They told us that my wife's case was one of the fastest to get process it only took 4 months and she was entitled to the card and that's all thanks to the hard work of Ahmad and the firm of Ed Corrigan

konstantinos kouniakis

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Excellent service, availability and attention. My wife has just received her confirmation for PR, thanks for the good work, especially to Selvin. We are really happy and satisfy.

Julian Franco

5-star endorsement - Google Review

We're super happy and grateful for everything they did for us. They were able to get my immigration done through the in canada spousal sponsorship in under a year. They are really professional and knowledgeable. Would strongly recommend!


5-star endorsement - Google Review

My husband and I are very satisfied with the work done by this office. My husband had a difficult case, which we actually thought was impossible. The lawyers at the office were smart and worked hard to ensure we won and my husband gained permanent residence, as quickly as possible. The junior lawyer we worked with was especially kind and fair. We believe he did his very best for us. We are ultimately very happy that we went to this office, since doing so helped us change our life for the better.

Mona E

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Selvin Mejia was a co-worker in the past. When I needed immigration services to support my husband, I looked for him because of his ethics and exceptional customer service and professionalism that I knew of from having worked with him. We were very happy with his attention to detail and guidance throughout the process and even happier when we got the Permanent Residency for my husband in under 8 months! (government sites were saying 12+ months). I'm sure his great reputation and perfectionism on his work made it be expedited and run smoothly. I'll continue to recommend him to all my friends and people I know that may need his services!

Fabiana and Adrian

5-star endorsement - Google Review

It really is a wonderful lawyer's office and deserves all its employees more than five stars. My thanks go to Ahmed who works in the office, as well as to Harkamal lawyer.


I know Ed Corrigan for almost 25 years. He was my immigration lawyer, I won my case through his office. Without hesitation, I can say that Ed is the best immigration lawyer in Ontario. At any time, I can call him and ask for advice, he have a great team in his office. I totally recommend Ed Corrigan for anyone seeking immigration consultant. My brother, also won his immigration case through his office.

Samir Samhat

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Ed Corrigan's office has helped my family a lot with out permanent residence card renewals and our citizenship applications. The staff were very helpful overall. The main employee we dealt with was Ahmad Barzak. He worked extremely hard to make sure all our needs were met, and he completed all of our documents in a timely manner. He was also very quick to respond to our emails and calls. Overall, I would recommend this office to anyone looking for any help with anything immigration related.

Saif Omak

5-star endorsement - Google Review

It really is a wonderful lawyer's office and deserves all its employees more than five stars. My thanks go to Ahmed who works in the office , As well as to Harkamal who was the lawyer that represented me before the IRB.


5-star endorsement - Google Review

Ed Corrigan is not only a LAW firm. People working there starting with Ed himself, Selvin, Ahmed, Craig and all others they CARE about their clients. They are professionally capable of giving you the best legal advice, handling your case in an awesome way, but above all, they respect their clients and make sure they got what they need especially newcomers who don't feel like one when they are at Corrigan's Law firm. I love those people, every time I am in that office I feel like I am surrounded by my own family. And, never mentioned the professional way of preparing, handling my Asylum case till I get a positive decision.

If you are seeking a highly professional LAW Firm in London Ontario, don't think twice, its definitely Corrigan LAW Firm.

Thank you, Corrigan's for your kindness, understanding, and support for me and my family.

An Q

5-star endorsement - Google Review

I would recommend asking for Selvin Mejia. He gracefully managed to handle my husband's nerve-wrecking sponsorship and permanent residency application. He had the patience to fully explain all of our queries in this 9-month process (which we are sure it would've take longer without their guidance and assistance) He not only made sure that all of our questions were resolved and instructions met, but also provided continuous updates on how the case was moving along! My husband and I are very happy and encourage you to use Ed Corrigan's Law office and specifically, Selvin!

k m

5-star endorsement - Google Review

Very knowledgeable staff made the whole process very easy and worry free. I would like to give a special thank you to Selvin who went above and beyond and getting the job done.

Michael Furlong

Our first application we did on our own and it was rejected. When we turned to Mr. Corrigan we spoke first to Selvin, who helped us through the entire process. He was absolutely amazing! Always there, quick in reply whenever we had a question. They handle our tricky case very competent and I am now a permanent resident. A huge bonus: they were always very clear and open about the costs to be expected. I loved working with them.

We had a very good experience with Ed Corrigan Law Office, Ed gave an informative brief to us. We actually started with a larger firm through a work permit situation, through the employer that wasn't going well. We went to Ed and Selvin for a 2nd opinion and the outcome was very good for us for the work permit and the sponsorship for becoming a permanent resident. A small office can be very intimate and you aren't in a long process with a larger firm and a big brand name. The larger firms have jr staff that take on parts of your file and any step missed can have a negative impact on your objective and outcome. We had good advice that we were willing to execute and within 5 months were granted permanent residence for my American boyfriend and now husband. All the best to anyone who wants quality professional advice and a desired outcome!

Rose-Ann Nathan
March 1, 2018

When we first met with Edward Corrigan, he promised us two things, that it would take time and money, but that the criminality in our case could be overcome and our family reunited. Ed was true to his word, and this past January after more than two years working on our case, we won our appeal and our young family can finally be reunited in Canada. We had previously employed a number of lawyers and paralegals to help with our case, but turned to Ed when we felt all hope was lost. His knowledge of case law is incomparable, he is straightforward, honest and has a fantastic team that keep in contact with you at all times. If I have one regret with working with Ed, it is that we didn't swallow our pride and consult him as soon as our case began - it would have saved us years apart as well as a small fortune in legal fees. Ed has reunited our family after almost five years apart - I cannot recommend him or his team highly enough.

AB February 20, 2018

Thank you again for everything,

I have arrived in Canada with my wife and kids a few years ago, unfortunately, we didn't pass our first hearing with our previous lawyer.

Usually dealing with lawyers and courts can be stressful and complicated, fortunately, we were lucky enough to find Mr. Ed Corrigan and his amazing staff, who made our experience extremely positive.

Because of the safe third country agreement with the U.S, we didn't have the right to have a second hearing, so our case was transferred to the federal court, however, Mr. Corrigan and Mr. Selvin were able to convince the federal court to overturn the decision of the IRB, and eventually we had the right to have a second chance, for the record, this is something extremely hard and rare to happen.

Mr. Corrigan represented us in our second hearing and was able to get us a positive decision. We just can't express how thankful and grateful we are for this man and his Incredible staff. His preparedness and knowledge of the Palestinians legal position is outstanding. His argument and persuasion to the court member was really superb. His determination and passion to win each and every case is abnormal.

Thank you and all the best for you and the staff.

Bassam G.
February 2018

It was comprehensive and on point. Unlike other agencies to help immigration applicants, he was not promising that he would make things easy and quick. He was very helpful in simplifying the requirements for those who wish to migrate to Canada. 👍 hope more of this next time.

Josephine Abcede Cabansay
January 2018

Dear Mr. Corrigan,

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to meet with me to review our application for permanent residency back in August.

I just wanted to let you know that the application was approved about 8 weeks after we submitted it and we completed our landing a couple weeks ago.

Thank you again for all of your help. I wish you and all at your firm Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year.

Kind regards,

December 2017

I would like to start off by thanking everyone at the Law office for helping me get my PR within 13 months. This Law firm will go above and beyond to win your case. I literally mean that!!! I had a rather complicated case and was denied by two other lawyers to take on the case. Ed did not hesitate from the begining to take on the case and help me get the PR. His staff are extremely educated and know what will happen in any case. I recommend Ed to anyone that has needs an immigration lawyer. Special thanks to Selvin and Greg, your amazing personlity helped my wife and I have hope and always think positive.

Thank you again,

I would like to thank Law Office of Edward C. Corrigan and his staff, specially Harkamal Singh, for helping me filing study permit visa for my relative. The application was denied first time when I applied myself without consulting any legal professional. I contacted Law Office of Edward and Corrigan, they listen to the whole case, understand the situation, and prepare the solid case that results in acceptance of the study permit. It was a great experience and I highly recommend their services for immigration and refugee claim issues.

Judicial Review application; Leave is granted !! Hearing is scheduled and optimistic and hopeful in winning.

I came across Ed Corrigan Law office after doing an extensive research on the subject of CFHR. I had a negative IRB decision on my case and my previous council was not convinced of going up the courts in order to fight the decision. While doing extensive research on the matter at hand I came across Ed Corrigan Law office and after reading his extensive research and publications I became very well aware that Ed is a deep comprehension on the history and current challenges of palestinians. And I thought to myself that if I had a chance to succeed in my legal cases it is ought to be done by a lawyer who understands what it is like to be a Palestinian and the environment that Palestinians come from and our status as stateless people who are subject to persecution and prejudice.

My case being very complex, Ed had accepted it and his thorough understanding of the Canadian Law, and being among the very few who are certified in Refugee Law & Immigration Law, had exerted extensive efforts in order to submit an application for leave to commence judicial review. The biggest hurdle in those applications is to have the "Leave Granted" which is considered stage 1 of the process. 20% of applications gets granted leave, and that is considered very low because applicants are not able to demonstrate an arguable issue at the Federal Court. I have reads Ed's memorandum of argument in support of my application and I must admit that it shows intelligibility and strong command of the Law.

Furthermore, Ed Corrigan Law office is multicultural as I have had the pleasure of meeting most of their team members. The office speaks other languages besides English such as Arabic, Hindi, Spanish and Chinese. Big thanks of appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Edward, Mr. Selvin, Mr. Harkamal, Mr. Ahmad, & Mr. Greg (big thanks to you specially for generous discount on my bill).

I have further suggested their Law office to my network and as a result they are rendering their services to for Refugee case, and an H&C inquiry.

Law is like an Art. Find a lawyer who has a sense of perfectionism, deep attention to details, not afraid to demonstrate his or her history of winning & losses. If your lawyer tells you I don't have or keep track of the cases I won or lost, or that he/she had won all cases, these are usually red flags.

I have no words to describe the great work Edward Corrigan and his legal team have done; especially Selvin Mejia on presentan and winning myRefugee Claim case (and my son's). Their law office worked very hard and I can attest to their professional and humanitarian approach, which is impeccable. They were very sensitive and showed true concern for my case.

From the very beginning they prepared me for the possible pros and cons I could face with the process and also provided me guidance on how to approach them. English as a language is not a barrier for this team as they have a multicultural group of professionals that can accommodate to most needs. In our case in particular, we worked with Selvin Mejia who speak Spanish. He is very knowledgeable in the area and also provided guidance on settlement issues we faced that are unknown to new immigrants, which proves their true professionalisms and humanitarian values. For such, I want to wholeheartedly recommend and thank the team at Ed Corrigan Law because without their help my son and I would not be guaranteed a chance at a peaceful life in Canada.

My wife and I are very grateful for all the hard work Ed and his team put into our case so we could come to Canada together as a family as soon as we did. I especially enjoyed working with Selvin. He went out of his way to be available when we had questions even when he was supposed to be on holidays. He was also very thorough in making sure that the case we presented to cic was absolutely correct and as strong as it possibly could be. Because of this it only took about 6 months to process our application instead of the 13 or 14 we had been told. He also gave some consideration on the final bill when it came time to settle up after we were all here in canada. We felt we were treated very professionally and are very grateful 4 the results.

I have had dealings with Ed Corrigan's office many times over the past few years and they have always gone above and beyond the expectation I had. Selvin translated an extensive document for an international adoption that was almost impossible to get translated anywhere else. I have a new brother-in-law living in Canada as a PR with their help. And finally I have a beautiful granddaughter who is now a PR in Canada. Her case was complicated and sensitive and Ed Corrigan's office, especially Selvin dealt with us and coordinated the details in such a way that the process was smooth and fast. In less than 3 months from submitting the paperwork we got her approval! Thank you for your help for our family.

R Pennings

Thank you Selvin for getting my permanent residence it only took 10 months. Thank you for going above and beyond and getting everything done in such fast time. Good work Selvin from my wife and I.

Kofi Byer

Smart lawyer, helped me in a very complex case. Professional staff, Ahmad, Greg, and all. I would recommend Mr. Corrigan to anyone.

We are so happy my husbands permanent residency application came through successfully with the help of Ed, Selvin and another paralegal who was interning. Before seeking out a lawyer, we had all of the wrong forms filled out. It was worth the time and money to get the correct advice as to which forms to fill out and what extra items to include in the document. It really gave us ease of mind knowing that we had a lawyer helping us! I sponsored my husband immigrating from Ireland. From submitting the final application into Ed's office to receiving the approval of permanent residency took 8 and a half months. If it were not for Ed and Selvin and all the team at Corrigan law, we would still be waiting! Thank you to Ed, Selvin and everyone else who helped out in our application!

Very professional. He knows exactly what he's doing. Since I started talking to him, my immigration paperwork went smooth as butter. He understood where I was coming from, my situation, and fluent in responding to such hard cases. He helped in compiling a slam dunk citizenship application and indeed it was a bullet proof as I was granted the citizenship without the need to go through residency questionnaire despite the fact i am "re-applying" to my citizenship grant. Luckily, I went to Ed Corrigan and helped me put together the application to prove my residency for 3-4 years. The application was submitted April 2014 and granted citizenship February 2015. It was a smooth application which was surprising. He is an expert in the citizenship process and will surely help anyone no matter how hard the case is. It was a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend him.

5-star endorsement - Google Review

My wife Taylor and I wanted to start a life together but had no idea how immigration works or where to begin the process. Having that weight lifted by the great team at Ed Corrigan's office was enough that we could set our sights on planning and moving rather than sending paperwork back and forth for years. The process of immigrating even from the USA to Canada is not easy. If it weren't for the streamlined process that one of the associates at Ed Corrigan will run you through, we'd have been waiting over a year to be together. There are no people to talk to at Immigration Services, you're at the hands of patience so when you make a mistake (and you will) when trying to do it all on your own. It can take months just to hear that you need to send another piece of information. From there it's back to square one. I can gladly say that my wife Taylor and I are now living happily together after only submitting our application to Ottawa through Edward Corrigan in November of 2016. The average waiting period is over 13 months [Process completed in 6 months]! I can't thank Selvin and Ed enough for all the hard work they put into making our application perfect from the very start and answering our phone calls whenever we had questions. If you're thinking about bringing family to Canada, or yourself, The Law Office of Edward Corrigan is the only place I would recommend!

Clinton and Taylor

We are extremely grateful for all your help and assistance. The Department that deals with renewals seems to work in mysterious ways bearing in mind that even now the website states they are dealing with applications received during week of 20th February 2017 when my application was not received by them until 27th February 2017 and their acknowledgement to you was dated 4th May and my application must have been dealt with the following day the card expires on 5th May 2022.

Neither Pam or I could have navigated the forms and procedure without your help and that of your staff particularly bearing in mind all the paperwork we had to produce due to our being retired and it is clearly evident that evident that everything must been handled extremely well at your end for the applications to be dealt with speedily and without question by the appropriate department.

Bill and Pam Gradwell

Google Review Rating - 5-star
Dealing with Lawyers can be stressful; however, Selvin and Ed made our experience extremely positive. They both showed dedication and commitment to our case. I am glad to have had them on our side. A huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders thanks to them.

Ixquel Sarin and Jill Foster
Review posted on May 8, 2017

Ed Corrigan kindly spoke to our Paralegal students about Immigration Law and alternative career pathways for them. He is an eloquent speaker. He is an expert in his field and truly knowledgeable about citizenship and immigration law and refugee protection law and is a Law Society of Upper Canada certified specialist in these fields. He is a pleasure to work with and has my highest recommendation.

Nicholas Dasios, B.A., LL.B.
Coordinator, Paralegal Program
Professor, Law Programs
Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, Canada
March 20, 2017

This is A.A. from Palestine, I would deeply thank Mr. Edward C. Corrigan and his professional team for their class A preparation for my refugee claim hearing which resulted in the best results of approval after the hearing. The extremely good job this esteem law office has done for me resulted in a smooth and efficient hearing time and a positive result. Thank you for your great effort and for your support to Palestinians.

February 3, 2017

Commendations to Selvin Mejia and Ed Corrigan for expediting a tricky Humanitarian and Compassionate immigration application. Their knowledge and professionalism brought this case to a successful lifesaving outcome. Many thanks!

Jennifer Vansteenkiste
January 14, 2017

Ed, I watched your representation of your client in a bail hearing last week and I have to commend your preparedness and knowledge of your client's legal position. Good job and great result.

Sue Kotecha
Lawyer and Duty Counsel
London-Middlesex Court House
December 20, 2016

I had some problems at the United States border and Ed Corrigan Law Office helped me to get Advanced Permission to Enter the United States. This work was very helpful since I am an Owner Operator of a Truck and needed access to the United States for my Business. Thank you Ed Corrigan Law Office for your invaluable service.

Germit Grewal
December 16, 2016

Thank you for providing the professional legal service for my Sponsorship Appeal Application! Your experience and insight have been a key contributing factor in winning the appeal. Your most honest opinion and your recommendations have been very helpful for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference. Also I really appreciate that you took the time to analyze the case and gave your advice when I first contacted you before I committed to having your representation. My family and I would like to express our most sincere gratitude to you.

Tina Yeung
November 16, 2016

I would like to thank Ed Corrigan Law Office for assisting me with my Ontario Provincial Nominee Application. I ran into a problem but Ed Corrigan and his staff helped me resolve it and I got approved.

Mohamed Ali Jaafar
October 18, 2016

Ed Corrigan and his staff did a fantastic job in representing me and helping me win my Pre Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA). The success rate for PRRA's is between 2% and 3%. Ed Corrigan Law Office has won 7 PRRA's. Four from Gaza, one Egyptian, one from Colombia and now mine from Jordan and the West Bank. There are very few lawyers, maybe none, in Canada that they say they have won 7 PPRA's. Ed and his staff are skilled advocates that work hard for their clients and get excellent results.

Amro Alomari

We are writing to recommend the Corrigan Law office for any immigration case. Two years ago we began the process of family sponsorship. Our case was extremely complex, as my husband was facing inadmissibility issues, which made it daunting and overwhelming to us and we couldn't have done it with out them. During the process they also assisted with arranging our son to attend school, as the Board which regulates the school would not allow him to attend unless, hefty fees were paid. We are writting this to express our gratitude to the office as a whole, but especially to Selvin Mejia. From beginning to end he provided amazing service, he personalized it while being completely professional. We trusted the firm and they performed better than expected! When visiting the office they were friendly and even spent time consolling and reasuring our young son that our family would be soon reunited. Having the process completed and now being together as a family; it was worth every bit of energy and time we all put into it, feeling like we were on a team we were able to see it through! A huge thank you to Selvin, Ed and anyone else who had a hand in reuniting our family. Words can't express how happy we truly are!

F. & S. Roman

I met with Edward regarding my cousin's immigration case to Canada. Edward was able to give me the good news and the bad news about the case, and even though the bad news was hard, he was very honest about everything. In the future if I ever needed any help or advice about immigration subjects, I will go to Edward without any hesitation. I would definitely recommend him as an immigration lawyer.

Thank you Edward.

Marola Malati

Ed Corrigan gave a talk today to my paralegal students about immigration and refugee law, the two areas for which he is a certified specialist.

The students were very interested in what he had to to say, as it was obvious that he was quite knowledgeable and had immense experience in these areas of law.

Kenneth Vigeant
Instructor, Westervelt College

PR in 4 MONTHS! We never thought we would get an answer from CIC that fast! Thanks to the efforts and hard work of Ed Corrigan Law office and the team, especially Selvin Mejia, I am able to reside permanently in Canada.

Mr. Corrigan was able to craft an impeccable application that we would have never been able to put together ourselves. We were extremely impressed by his extensive knowledge on immigration law, and the collective efforts of his team and their ability to think creatively outside the box. The team displayed an incredible amount of commitment and dedication to our case, and even went overboard by meeting us on several occasions past work hours.

Nicola (my spouse, Canadian Citizen) and I fell in Love in Ireland, and we decided to move to Canada in the summer of 2014. I moved here on an International Experience Canada permit, which would allow me to work in Canada for only 2 years, with no possibility of renewal. Time crept up on us and by the fall of 2015, we had no idea what we could do to keep me here.

We were referred to Ed Corrigan's office, and within a month, we had all our documents ready for the Spousal Sponsorship. We submitted our application in the last week of December, and by April 2016, we got news that I got my permanent residence.

Had we filed the application ourselves, my work permit would have expired, leaving me unable to work and reside in Canada. And for that I am forever thankful for being referred to Ed Corrigan Law office.

Anthony and Nicola

My husband and I fell in love on vacation, as many people do with travel being more frequent and accessible these days. However, we weren't truly aware of the struggles ahead in our long journey to be united in Canada. My mom and I did our research to find a lawyer to help us with the task. We ended up choosing Ed Corrigan Citizenship and Immigration Law Office because of his recognition by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in this area of law. I wanted it done right, and it was. All the staff is friendly and very helpful. Selvin worked with us most frequently and for all of his help we are forever grateful. He always went above and beyond to make sure things were done right. It was an extremely emotionally driven process for me, and he was always very patient and good to reassure me that our hard work and the wait would pay off. It finally did and we are together thanks to their diligent efforts. We are very satisfied with the service we received and the people we met along the way. They are knowledgeable, passionate, professional, and they really care.

I highly recommend using their services.

Kelsey & Luis Marrero

I arrived in Canada from Europe in 2006 accompanied with my wife and daughter with the intention of becoming permanent residents. The breakdown of that relationship left my daughter without status, and led to a lengthy family court battle. Winning the right to secure her status in that venue in 2013 was the end of one conflict, but the beginning of another; I couldn't seem to meet the requests of Immigration with the complex documentation resulting from our situation.

I realized I was well over my head and chose Mr. Corrigan to guide me through her permanent residency application. Despite the complexity of the case and the numerous obstacles in the way, Mr. Corrigan always knew the best approach and fought for our best interests with the tenacity of an Irish bulldog. I commend him for his patience and dedication, and could not recommend him more highly.

Hugues Giboire

Dear Mr Corrigan,

I am writing to express my satisfaction with the application and the submission prepared by you and your staff. I am sure you have gone over the submission with your expert eye. I believe it rightfully and very articulately explains our position and intent and at the same time argues the earlier negative decision was made due to lack of supporting documents. I came all the way to London looking for a specialist and I found one. Thanks for being so considerate and thorough.

Sanat Sachdeva

I have known Ed Corrigan for many years after I started my litigation career at the Department of Justice when I appeared in the Federal Court of Canada as counsel on immigration cases. I found him to be well prepared and a passionate advocate for his clients whom he represented very well.

Mark M. Persaud, J.D., LL.M.

Dear Ed Corrigan,

Few days ago I received my Confirmation of Permanent Resident [In-Canada Humanitarian and Compassionate Application]. I wouldn't have got it without you and your entire amazing staff. You provided an excellence service. Thank you.

All the best wishes for you and your staff.

Beata Miskiewicz

To Ed Corrigan,

We wanted to thank you for helping us reopen my citizenship case. You helped us when no one else could!! We are finally on track and awaiting my oath ceremony. I highly recommend Ed Corrigan and his staff without him my citizenship file would have closed and I would have had to start at square one. If you need any kind of immigration assistance Mr Ed Corrigan is the man you need to see!!!

Nikos S.

Ed Corrigan is truly beyond excellent and is well versed in Citizenship and Immigration cases more than anyone I have ever seen. Ed has helped me in putting a slam dunk application for my PR card renewal which amazingly got processed in under 18 days! Ed and his team are very thorough and work extremely hard and fast to get you the right documents in front of the immigration officers. I highly recommend Ed Corrigan for all of your immigration needs. You will definitely be happy with the results!

Thank-you again Ed,
Ahmad Al-Tamimi

We just wanted to thank you for every thing you did for us. We wanted for our son that was born in Mexico to become a canadian, we asked around and it didn't seem like it would be possible for our three year old, until someone recommended you.. (Edward Corrigan). We came to you as soon as we heard that you could help us with his immigration, we had to sponsor him, And went from there..it all worked very well, we had his papers sooner then we expected them to. So thank you again for everything you did for us, we would definitely recommend anyone to go to Edward Corrigan.

Tina Guenther

Mr. Corrigan and his staff were excellent to deal with and helped me get my Fast-Pass back. This pass will help me greatly in my truck driving business. I highly recommend Ed Corrigan Law Office.

Isack Giesbreacht

My case was very complex and difficult but Ed Corrigan and his staff did excellent work and in the end we won the case and I was Landed as a Permanent Resident. I greatly appreciate the skill and work that Ed Corrigan and his Law Office did on my behalf. Mr. Corrigan works tirelessly and is not afraid to touch controversial issues. His extensive knowledge of the conflict in the Middle East was paramount to my eventual success and asylum. I will be forever grateful for the work Mr. Corrigan and his team have done on my behalf.


Edward Corrigan and Staff,

Brilliant fast and reliable service. This is the best immigration law firm that helped me sponsor my three children from Africa within two months.

Thanks to Mr. Edward C. Corrigan and staff.

Farai Manyena

It was a honour for me to have, a person with your knowledge to represent me for a Permanent Residence Card. I could not have done it without your knowledge. Today we have technology with a computer, it is too much for an older person to do. I will be 70 years old, and technology today, is more than I can handle. I do wish that the government would understand that older people cannot deal with the modern technology of a computer. Today I am thankful, for everything that you've done to help me accomplish this government privilege to be a Resident of Canada and to renew my Permanent Residence Card. To be an American citizen is and to be a residence of Canada is more than a privilege and an honor, to me......Thank you again, Edward C Corrigan, and staff, for everything, to renew my Permanent Residence Card.

Your truly,
Charlie Ray Vogts

We would like to thank you, for all the support and service provided by you and your law firm staff during my wife.s out of Canada permanent resident application process. You and your staff provided an excellence service. You were kind and patient enough to guide us through the entire process, to answer all our questions and provide excellence advice; we really liked and enjoyed the fact that also gave us a lot of peace of mind, that you were always available by either phone or e-mail. We know that the promptly response from the Embassy of Canada in Peru (less than three months) approving my wife Permanent Residence Application, was due to the organization and letter of presentation that you put together as part of our application file. We would like also recognized and thank Selvin Mejia for all his work, in particular for his availability by phone even after regular business hours, his advice and his support in translating all our documentation. We know who we can trust and reference Corrigan Law Firm as a very professional and responsible service. Mr. Corrigan and his team of professionals really exceeded our expectation. We highly recommend Corrigan Law and Barristers as representatives for your immigration related cases.

Thank you kindly,
Rafael Mateo Moncada and Sara Alva Lizarraga

For the positive LMO [Labour Market Opinion] result the complete credit goes to you and your expert advice and exceptional documentation. We are extremely thankful and I have been recommending you to all my friends as the best lawyer, I found in this country. Again I would like to appreciate your efforts in helping me obtain a Work Permit and we are extremely thankful to you.

With Gratitude,
Jiju and Anju Nair

We sincerely thank you and your staff for all the hard work and time that was committed to our Family Class Sponsorship case. You have a wonderful, professional, and friendly staff. Each person we encountered in your office was always kind and informative. If the need arises in the future, we will be sure to call upon you. You have our highest recommendation.

Jason Howick and Suzann Howick