Edward C. Corrigan

Edward C. Corrigan

I am currently the only lawyer certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in Citizenship and Immigration Law and Immigration and Refugee Protection in London and central South-Western Ontario region. I have been certified as a Specialist in Citizenship and Immigration Law and Immigration and Refugee Law since June 29, 2004. See the information at the following links:

Certified Specialist in Citizenship and Immigration
Certified Specialist for Immigration and Refugee Protection

There are only around 46 lawyers in Ontario who are certified as specialists in Citizenship and Immigration Law and only 15 who are certified in Immigration and Refugee Protection. I am certified in both categories. I also sat on the Law Society of Upper Canada Certified Specialist Selection Committee for Citizenship and Immigration from 2004 to 2007 when the committee was disbanded.

Academically, I have a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master's Degree in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario. My Law Degree is from the University of Windsor and I was called to the Bar of the Law Society of Upper Canada in February 1992.

I was featured on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation web site as one of the leading Immigration lawyers in Canada. I have given invited presentations to the Refugee Lawyers Association conferences as well as to a Refugee Law Office/Ontario Legal Aid seminar. My academic area of expertise is the Middle East and I have published numerous articles in academic and journalistic publications. I have also given lectures to numerous groups and also at four different universities.

I have been practicing Immigration and Refugee law almost exclusively since February 1992.

I have won 29 cases of Judicial Review and one case at the Federal Court of Appeal. I have not tried to keep track of the Leave Applications which I have filed nor the Records and Memorandum of Law and Argument where the Judicial Review was denied or Leave not granted. I also have been successful in obtaining a stay of a Deportation Order. However, the number of total Judicial review Applications would be around 100, as my best estimate, over the past 23 years of practicing Immigration and Refugee Law. It could be higher.

Here is a partial list of my reported cases.

REPORTED CASES: * Cases certified as a question of serious legal importance

  • Abdel-Khalik v. M.E.I., (1994), 23 Imm. L.R. 262, 73 F.T.R. 211
  • Moslim v. Canada, (1994), 75 F.T.R. 242
  • Alvarado et al v. M.E.I., (1994) 78 F.T.R. 156 *
  • Gluzdova et al v. M.E.I., (1994), 85 F.T.R. 311
  • Mohamed v. M.E.I., (1994), 176 N.R. 60 (F.C.A.)
  • Zadeh v. Canada, (M.C.I.) (1995), 90 F.T.R. 210
  • Garcia-Henao v. Canada (Sec. of State), (1995) 93 F.T.R. 197
  • Bayat et al. v. M.E.I., (1995), 96 F.T.R. 76 *
  • Lovo v. M.C.I., (1995), 30 Imm. L.R. (2d) 308, 102 F.T.R. 211
  • Cibaric v. M.C.I., (1996), 105 F.T.R. 304
  • Wassiq v. Canada (M.C.I.), (1996), 33 Imm. L.R. (2d) 239 *
  • Bhawanidin v. Canada (M.C.I.), (1996), 34 Imm. L.R. (2d) 14
  • Kulmiye v. Canada (M.C.I.) FCT 1998 (IMM-3553-96)
  • Maotassem v. Canada (M.C.I.), (I.A.D.) (1997), 42 Imm. L.R. (2d) 311
  • Minister of Citizenship and Immigration v. Ken, 14 Imm. L.R. (3d) 317-322
  • El Kasim v. Canada (M. C. I.) 2002 FCT 1087 (IMM 12-02)
  • Rylott v. Canada (M.C.I) 2003 FCT 129 (IMM-888-02)
  • Al Gamal v. Min. of Citizenship and Immigration 2004 FC 1586 (IMM-4682-04)
  • Taha v. Min. of Citizenship and Immigration 2004-FC 1675 (IMM-113-04)
  • Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) v. Hazimeh 2009 FC 380 (IMM-3162-08)

CanLll has reported 27 cases where my name is found. However, there is some overlap with the above list. The last 5 cases listed above are also reported on CanLll. There are least 23 IAD, IRB and Federal Court decisions listed on CanLll where I was Counsel. I should have around 35 reported cases. I have not, however, updated this information for a number of years. I presently have been granted leave for Judicial Review for a Palestinian refugee claim from Gaza.

I have also won 6 Pre-Removal Risk Assessments (PRRA's) for my clients. The success rate for PRRA's is between 2 and 3 percent. I have also won 4 Post Refugee Determination Class in Canada (PRDCC's) which was the previous last resort protection program. The success rate for PRDCC's was also 2-3 percent. I have had tremendous success with Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications. However, I am selective with the cases I take on and tell the client up front what they need to know and how realistic their chances are of winning their case. I am not afraid of taking on difficult cases.

According to a quick review of my records since 1992 I have done at least 335 Refugee cases before the IRB. I have received 251 positives Decisions and 84 Negative Decisions. The works out to an average of 74.925% success rate. This record includes a fair number of refugee claims which stood little or no chance of winning. I have represented refugee claimants from many different countries. I have over the past few years won cases for refugees from Argentina, Colombia, Congo, Czechoslovakia (a Roma case), Egypt, El Salvador, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Nicaragua, Palestine (Gaza and the West Bank), Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey and the former Yugoslavia and also Yemen. I have represented many refugee claimants from the Middle East and Latin America and have developed considerable expertise on these regions.

I also have an excellent record with Family Class Sponsorship Applications, some being processed from start to completion in two and half months. The fastest Sponsorship approval I have obtained is 7 weeks for Peru. The average expected average time was 17 months. The best way to have your Sponsorship Application processed quickly is having a properly prepared and complete Application. With Sponsorship Applications I have a success rate of more than 95%. I also have an excellent record with Immigration Appeals, winning the great majority of those cases.

Sometimes a client loses a case at one level only to win at another level. My Certification as a Specialist in Citizenship and Immigration Law and also Immigration and Refugee Protection helps clients' find creative solutions to their immigration problems.

I have also served as the Associate Editor for Immigration Law Reporter (2007-2011) and also as the Associate Editor of ImmQuest (2007-2011). Both of these are professional legal publications. I have published more than 40 articles on Immigration and Refugee Law including, "Refusal to Perform Military Service as a Basis for Refugee Claims in Canada" 8 Immigration Law Reporter, (3d) pp. 272-286; "The Legal Debate in Canada on the Protection of Stateless Individuals Under the 1951 Geneva Convention," 23 Immigration Law Reporter (3d) pp. 196-209; "Federal Court of Appeal Overturns Federal Court Ruling on Safe Third Country Agreement," 71 Immigration Law Reporter (3d), pp 48-51; "Conscientious Objection to Military Service and Refusal to Perform Military Service." 80 Immigration Law Reporter (3d) pp. 12- 39; and "American War Resisters Cases in the Canadian Federal Court," 81 Immigration Law Reporter, (3d) pp. 233-262. I have published numerous other articles on Immigration and refugee issues. In addition I have published many articles on Middle East politics and on environmental and political issues.

I also have a long record of community service. Including having served on the Board of the Cross Cultural Learner Centre in London, Ontario; as a past chair of Neighbourhood Legal Services, a poverty law clinic run by Legal Aid Ontario in London, Ontario. I have also served on the Board of the Canadian Club of London. Between 2000-2003 I served as a Councillor on the City of London, Ontario Municipal Council. In that capacity I represented the City of London on the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority Board and on the Lake Huron Water Board. I have also been active in other community and professional associations.

I also served as Treasurer of the London Cross Cultural Committee on Arts which runs multi-cultural programs in London including the internationally renown Sunfest World Music Festival between 2005-2012. In terms of other professional service to the Legal community it includes Secretary to the Middlesex Law Association Board of Trustees (MLA) 2010-2011. I was re-elected for a two two-year terms on the MLA Board of Trustees for 2011-2013 and 2013-2015 serving as the chair of the MLA Chair of the Bench and Bar, Library and Continuing Professional Development Committees.

You can obtain more information on Ed Corrigan and his published articles on my web site which can be found at www.edcorrigan.ca.

Revised June, 2016.